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This site is for the research of original vintage Omega mechanical watches. This database is only a fraction of my experience with thousands of original vintage Omegas. My goal is to make available the photos and data of hundreds of watches to watch collectors for research and authentication purposes.

I intend this site to be an aid to buyers in making an easy and smart purchase of a vintage Omega watch. I'm sure there will end up being many ways in which this site will be of value to those of us in the vintage watch community. For questions or if you would like your watch to appear on this site you may contact me at

Please help me keep this database running and current. Any donations would be appreciated!

Thank you, Tim

This database only represents watches that have been in my care, so there are many models and designs that are not represented. As such you will not find a case or caliber number not yet entered into the database. More models and designs will be added over time making it easier to make comparisons of a watch with which you may be looking to purchase or authenticate. I have made this to be as user friendly and objective as possible.

Searches can be conducted by way of name, year, case number, movement caliber or watch id number. You can also search with multiple variables. Watch id number is specific to this site and not a variable indicated by Omega. The original Omega serial numbers correspond only somewhat to a particular year so you may need to search several years above or below in order to find a certain model.

Only original watches are meant to be displayed with original dial, no matter the condition, in order to see them as original. There will be some watches displayed with some aspect of restoration completed; however these restorations will be marked. From time to time a complete restoration will be displayed in addition to the original watch in its original condition.

As with all information sites on the internet, there will be mistakes. However, my goal is to have many examples of vintage models so authenticity can be determined. In order to help authenticate a specific model, models that have 3 or more examples displayed will be marked. It is also the expectation that having numerous examples of various models will allow reasonable assumptions to be made about model numbers that are not present. For example, if your search is for case #2849 5 and it is not listed, a comparison can be made to listed cases #2849 3 and #2849 6. If a watch is displayed and it is proven through empirical data to not be genuine, I will remove it from the database.

This site is not property of, does not represent or is not affiliated in any way with Omega, Swatch Group or any other watch manufacturing company. All pictures are copyright of Tim Mackrain. Pictures can only be used with permission of Tim Mackrain. Any brand names mentioned are property of their respective owners.


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